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Best of 2019 | Family Will you just look at all these beautiful people? Every one of them has a story. Thankful to them for letting me take a little peek. Never gonna stop loving this job. READ MORE Cincinnati Documentary Photography "With every year that passes I feel like I'm saying goodbye to the people my kids used to be, even as I celebrate who they are becoming. Stephanie's photographs preserved a moment in time in a way no... READ MORE Best of 2018 I always enjoy putting these blogs together. A time to reflect, look back. People allow us into their lives. It's beautiful. I am reminded of that every year as I sort through thousands of images... READ MORE Recent Family Work | Cincinnati Photographer I love seeing my family beautiful, crazy lives.  It reminds me of my crazy beautiful life.  Photographing families with toddlers is SO much fun to me.  Funny to think that I used to not be as sure abo... READ MORE A Day in March Last year I did a photo project where I took a photo *almost* every day of the year.  It was such a good project for me, and I love the photos and the memories that were captured.  It forced me to thi... READ MORE Sweet Babes | Cincinnati Newborn Photography When you get to meet a person that is seeing this world for the first time, a person who only knows the love and comfort of their parents, a person who you know will grow and learn and become a part o... READ MORE Two Thousand Sixteen This annual practice of looking at all my images has become something that I really look forward to.  Each year I find myself refining my vision and what it is that I love in a photograph.  This year ... READ MORE Recent Sessions | Cincinnati Photographer It's the most wonderful time of the year.... Wait, you think I am talking about Christmas?  Well, you are right, it is a pretty special time of year.  BUT, as my Instagram and Facebook friends seem t... READ MORE Recent Sessions It has been quite a busy Fall.  Lots of family love, lots of couple love, lots of nature and pretty Fall colors.  Here's a little peek into a few sessions from the last month or two. ... READ MORE Family Documentary Session This shoot ended just as sweet as it started.  Right before I left I witnessed a Dad carefully playing and listening to his son's ideas.  They giggled as they made ice cream rocket launchers from tang... READ MORE