Documentary Family Photography

To me, real life is the most beautiful.

Right now, think of a favorite memory of yours. One that just really makes you smile. Preferably one with some people that you love dearly. Do you remember what you were wearing? Do you remember what they were wearing? Did it match? Was your hair and make up perfect? I’m guessing the answer is that you don’t even remember. That’s because those ARE NOT the important details. What is important is how you felt when your son ran up to you arms open wide, “Mommy! You here” with the most adorable squeaky toddler voice. Think about what it feels like when you wake up in the morning and you’re cuddling with your sweet little baby and you’re there together or that glance you stole with your husband as the kids ran around your feet. Maybe it was a family trip, somewhere extravagant and beautiful, or maybe even just to the store down the street. Since having our own family, I have come to realize that the treasure is the every day, the in between moments that catch you off guard and put a lump in your throat.
Wouldn’t you rather have photographs that remind you of those things. I don’t want you to put on matching outfits and bribe (or even threaten!) smiles out of your children – when underneath everyone is wondering – when is this going to be over. NO! I want you to play, giggle, maybe at a park, maybe at your home, your sacred space. I want the real you – because that is who you will want to see 10, 20, 30 years from now. When you are old, your hair gray, and your children grown and moved out of the house, you won’t care one bit about whether you have photos of your kids in the perfect matching outfits styled just so. In fact, my guess is, you would rather have photos of your children in that dress that you couldn’t get her to talk off all summer, or the cape that he ran around the house in all the time, messy fingers, and sweaty hair.. Are you beginning to understand? These photo shoots are more than just pretty pictures for your social media profiles. This is a time capsule, a portal to these fleeting, golden, hard, beautiful years. Please, drop your guard, drop your pinterest boards, let us in – to capture just a bit of this messy, miraculous life of yours.