Documentary Wedding Photography

For the all the big, and the little, oh-so-beautiful moments of your day

Wedding days are dripping with meaning.  There’s a familial meaning, there’s romantic meaning, there’s spiritual meaning, there’s so much wrapped up in this day between two people that love each other. We believe that there is much more to a wedding than pretty pictures and decorations. Don’t get us wrong, we love to take beautiful photographs, but we long to do more than that, we want to search for the moments that will stand the test of time.  We will see and photograph your mother crying as you walk down the aisle, because she thinks about all the years in between the day that she first held you and now.   We want to see the groom as he first lays eyes on his bride and has no response besides to wear his love on his face. We want to see your grandmothers heirloom that you have incorporated into your wedding day and photograph that so you never forget how she wanted to be a part of your day.  We want to see the way you laugh with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, your friends, the ones that you have loved through the years. 
Most of all we want to see and photograph the way it looks when two people who are in love commit themselves to loving one another for their entire lives. In one moment, they promise love through the good and the bad, through hard times, through incredible times, and through the in between and middle times – like diaper changes and romantic dinners, getting a new dog, moving, and learning to love each other’s eccentricities.  What does that look like?  It looks more beautiful than anything that could go on a blog, be on Pinterest, or even reside inside a photograph.  Love is more beautiful than all these things.  Our job as a photographers isn’t to take photos that will get us recognition, win awards, or go on blogs – our job is to take photographs that in some way document and preserves love. 

Because that is the greatest story of all time – the story of love.